About I Doubt News

Information plays a crucial role in shaping our perception of the world. How we see the world determines our actions and the society we create. In some cases, information is used to manipulate people's opinions and emotions. Mass media employ a variety of manipulation techniques for commercial and political purposes. This is not always done intentionally; it may be the result of unprofessionalism or a lack of knowledge. However, the consequences of irresponsible handling of information can lead not only to misunderstandings and misconceptions among individuals but also to violence.

To combat disinformation, it is essential to verify facts and develop critical thinking. In the face of a constant stream of information, it is impossible to thoroughly study every topic. In this case, I Doubt News comes to the rescue.

We use artificial intelligence technologies, such as LLM, to provide users with a starting point for analyzing news. Thanks to the initial linguistic analysis of the text, users receive additional information that helps them make informed decisions about the credibility of a news article. I Doubt News does not draw conclusions about the truthfulness of the news, but we provide useful information for making decisions about trust in an article.

We strive to promote honest and transparent information exchange by setting higher standards for the media. We also aim to educate people in critical thinking so that they can independently notice attempts at manipulation. Ultimately, we hope to create a more informed world, reduce unnecessary hatred and violence, and contribute to the establishment of a more enlightened and harmonious society.

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